The Friends of Dard Hunter is an organization in the United States that connects, encourages, and educates anyone interested in hand papermaking. It was founded in 1981 to preserve the collection of books, papers, equipment, and artifacts from all over the world that Dard Hunter had collected in his decades of research on hand papermaking. This collection is irreplaceable since he traveled before the devastation of World War II; it found a permanent home at the Robert C. Williams Paper Museum in Atlanta, Ga. in 1992. Support for this collection is one of the primary goals of the Friends.

Mission Statement

Through its publications, annual meetings, and other means, the Friends will provide a forum to exchange information and educate its members and the public about the art, craft, history, science, and technology of papermaking, the book arts, and other diverse interests which captured the imagination of Dard Hunter (1883-1966). These forums and educational activities will also promote and encourage the continued and creative practice of hand papermaking, allied paper arts, the book arts, and other arts practiced by Dard Hunter. The study of paper and papermaking, preservation of historical sites and artifacts, conservation, and scientific and technical research shall all be encouraged.

The Friends' activities are intended to serve as a bridge between artists, scientists, and the lay public in all of the above mentioned areas of concern. The collected artifacts, books, archives, and other materials, which were formerly called the Dard Hunter Paper Museum (now called the Dard Hunter Collection), form the core collection of the Robert C. Williams Paper Museum in Atlanta, Ga. Promoting interest in the collection as an important part of the world's cultural heritage is central to the Friends' purpose.

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Membership Inquiries

Executive Council & Board of Directors (ECBOD)

Jennifer Baker

Megan Singleton

Kitz Rickert

Vice President, Annual Meetings
Marie Bannerot McInerney

Vice President, Publicity & Outreach
Colin Browne

Vice President, Publications
May Babcock

Executive Director
Paul Romaine

Emerging Artist Liaison
Mary Sandbothe

Robert C. Williams Paper Museum Representative
Teri Williams

Advisory Board
Andrea Peterson (Chair)
Susan Gosin
Dard Hunter III
Jill Littlewood
Brian Queen
Erica Spitzer Rasmussen
Sally Rose
Peter Sowiski
Peter Thomas
Kathy Wosika

The Friends of Dard Hunter, Inc.
PO Box 8693
New York, NY 10116-8693