Paper Points North - 2015 Friends of Dard Hunter Annual Meeting

2015 Friends of Dard Hunter Annual Meeting
Banff, Alberta
October 22-25, 2015

Just as the North Star has served as a navigational beacon to travelers, so the career, art, and research of Dard Hunter have served as inspiration for us as papermakers, tool makers, printers, artists, historians, and educators. The Friends of Dard Hunter annual meeting honors his efforts and life’s work by continuing the tradition of education, dialogue, and research. Paper Points North, the Friends of Dard Hunter 2015 annual meeting will build upon this legacy. Embarking northward to the beautiful Alberta Rockies, the conference will be held at the internationally recognized Banff Centre, a well respected confluence of art, science, and research.

The primary focus of Paper Points North is to question how we honor the traditional methods of papermaking while expanding into new methods of research, innovation, education, and technology. The beautiful setting and retreat environment of the Banff Centre will encourage community, invigoration, and exchange. Potential topics for talks, panels, and demonstrations could include: historical figures and practices in papermaking, sustainable practices, Slow Craft, collaboration, educational strategies, papermaking tools (old and new), and innovation through techniques and research.

Attendees of the conference will have the opportunity to tour the Banff Centre’s world renowned artist residency spaces, view the library’s extensive collection of artist books, take a scenic walk, and participate in the weekend’s activities. Also included in the program will be the keynote address, lectures, demonstrations, members’ exhibition, banquet, silent auction, and keepsake exchange. Please join the Friends of Dard Hunter at this idyllic location to discover fresh perspectives together. We will celebrate the history of Dard Hunter and continue his legacy by seeking new ways to educate, research, and innovate with hand papermaking leading as our North Star.

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